Chairman's Message

Approximately hundred years ago, a sparkle appeared at the first quarter of 1900's guided our firm's establishment which was passed down from generation, in the field of dried fruit processing and export. Over the years, this sparkle has turned into a strong blaze thenks to honesty, credibilit, code of conducts and continuity in quality; and mde our firm to be the first which comes to mind in the field and this continues across the world.

Despite all the negative conditions encountered in the meantime, Şentaş maintained this attributes persistently and developed a corporate identity.

This identity was acquired by living the principles such as doing the best, valuing its employees, respecting its ethics to the utmost, establishing healthy relationships with all the parties, showing necessary awareness to the law  and community.

The continuity of this identity which has always been a source of pride and a guide is possible by the efforts of all the employees. Achieving this goal; our principles will be to give priority to customer satisfaction; to make no concessions on human health and food safety under no circumstances; to make every stage of our processes traceable by being attentive to hygiene conditions, technological requirements, national and international legislations; to produce in a way of fulflilling all the conditions of quality and food safety management system terms and of aiming continuous improvement.

In order to be distinguishable with our quality, we need to manage the usual things in an extraordinary perfection. Because quality is not a result for us, but a pursuit of perfection.In addition we must not forget that healthy, hygienic and safe food is only produced with healthy employees and healthy environment conditions.

In that case, about passing on our company to the next generations, every employee should adapt the mentioned principles and make no concessions. Fulfilling our duties, our motto should be "doing the best", which carries a different responsibility for each employee.

With respect,