Our Founder

Our company was established by Çakır Ali at the beginning of 1900s.

At that time, our founder was dealing with the fig trade at the town of Beydağ of Ödemiş district in izmir. He was taking the figs growing in the region from the producers and delivering them to customers across Turkey.

Our founder preparend his son Mehmet Şen to the business life meticulously and took a big step  regarding the continuity of our company.Our founder diead in 1925.

After his father's sudden death  at a very early ege, Mehmet Şen took the responsibility and thenks to what he learnt from his father he continued his business life successfully.Within the years ahead, Mehmet Şen raised his sons named Kadir, Orhan and Turan with the same care his father did from him. He commended his business life to his sons he rose with the same attitude he took on from his dad.